Te Arawa Group Holdings


Te Arawa Group Holdings Limited (“TAGH”) was established as the commercial arm of  Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust (“TPT”).  TAGH originated from the desire of our shareholders to develop capacity in a separate commercial company to optimise the resources sourced under and as part of the Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa settlement.

TAGH’s mandate is clear; we are directed by our shareholders and by the nature of the asset base to grow and protect the equity of the company in order to achieve our shareholders commercial aspirations.  This ultimately determines our investment objectives and strategies, and our priorities and intentions.

TAGH is specifically endorsed by TPT to:

  • Create wealth and opportunity
  • Be commercially focused & successful
  • Strengthen our 11 Te Arawa Iwi/Hapu Affiliates and their entities through robust economic growth
  • Form appropriate strategic alliances.

We see our job as protecting and growing the assets of our shareholders, acting appropriately and judiciously around the management and growth of the assets, and generating wealth.”