Te Arawa Group Holdings


We value and uphold our tikanga as have many generations of Te Arawa before us.  Kia piri pono.  Kia tika.  Kia urupu.  Kia aroha tatou ki a tatou.

TAGH is guided by a dual set of values being tikanga Māori and essential principles for corporate governance.  In business TAGH will be guided by key principles of corporate governance.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Directors should observe and foster high ethical standards.
  • There should be a balance of independence, skills, knowledge, experience, and perspectives among directors so that the board works effectively.
  • The board should use committees where this would enhance its effectiveness in key areas while retaining board responsibility.
  • The board should demand integrity both in financial reporting and in the timeliness and balance of disclosures on entity affairs.
  • The board should regularly verify that the entity has appropriate processes that identify and manage potential and relevant risks.
  • The board should ensure the quality and independence of the external audit process.
  • The board should foster constructive relationships with shareholders that encourage them to engage with the entity.
  • The board should respect the interests of stakeholders within the context of the entity’s ownership type and its fundamental purpose.