Te Arawa Group Holdings


Creating wealth and opportunity for the inter-generational benefit of our shareholders.”

Our purpose is to create wealth and opportunity for the inter-generational benefit of our shareholders. We aim to turn our capital and resource potential into tangible benefits and opportunities for present and future generations.

It is important that we develop a long term view of our commercial activity and not succumb to the expectation that immediate wealth and return from our investments should be disbursed amongst our Affiliate entities.

We know too that we are charged with the responsibility as Kaitiaki to care for and protect our natural resources. This underpins the way we behave in regards to our entire investments portfolio that is, we must endeavor to:

  • Plan now for (5) generations of Te Arawa and beyond
  • Leave a legacy of care and protection of our assets
  • Grow the equity while protecting the investment in order to provide a sustainable return on investment to shareholders