Te Arawa Group Holdings


TPT currently represents approximately 24,000 beneficiaries  of 11 Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū

The Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū have had long-standing grievances in respect of acts and omissions of the Crown since 1840 that have prejudicially affected them.

On 1 April 2004, the Crown recognised the mandate of Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa Executive Council to represent Te Arawa in negotiations for a settlement with the Crown of long-standing grievances.

The Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū and the Crown entered into Terms of Negotiation on 26 November 2004, and an Agreement in Principle on 5 September 2005, which was varied on 20 December 2005.

The Deed of Settlement between the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū and the Crown, which records the basis on which the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū have agreed to settle those long-standing grievances with the Crown, was ratified by a majority of 96% of the votes in a postal ballot on 19 September 2006.    The governance entity to receive the settlement was ratified by a majority of 92% of the votes cast in a postal ballot of eligible voters on 19 September 2006.

The Deed of Settlement was signed on 30 September 2006 (“the Original Deed of Settlement”) and Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust was created by Deed dated 1 December 2006.

With the agreement of the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū , the Crown deferred the introduction of settlement legislation giving effect to the Original 2006 Deed of Settlement, with a commitment from the Crown that the value of the settlement would be protected in any revised Deed of Settlement.   This resulted in the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū entering into the Central North Island Settlement Deed with the Crown and other iwi and hapu with interests in the Central North Island Forests.  This focused on claims to nine Crown Forest Licences, an area of approximately 186,000 hectares.  TPT signed the Deed of Settlement for the Central North Island Forests Iwi Collective on 25 June 2008.

The revised Deed (2008 Deed) was re-ratified  in June 2008 and signed by the Hon Dr Michael Cullen and the Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trustees on 11 June 2008 at Te Pakira Marae in Rotorua.  Settlement legislation implementing the Deed of Settlement was passed on 25 September 2008.

Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust represents approximately 24,000 beneficiaries of 11 Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū (represented by their respective Affiliate Entities) whose area of interest covers 500,000 hectares, from Huka Falls to the south, the Horohoro and Mamaku districts to the west, Tarawera to the East and the Rotoiti Lakes district to the north.

The Affiliate Iwi/Hapu are represented through their respective entities, which are:

  • Te Runanga o Ngāti Kearoa Ngati Tuara Trust
  • Ngāti Uenukukopako Iwi Trust
  • Ngāti Pikiao Iwi Trust
  • Ngāti Tarawhai Iwi Trust
  • Ngāti Rongomai Iwi Trust
  • Tūhourangi Tribal Authority



  • Ngāti Tahu-Ngāti Whaoa Runanga Trust
  • Ngāti Tura/Ngāti Te NgakauHapu Trust
  • Ngāti Te Roro o te Rangi Hapu Trust
  • Ngāti Tuteniu Hapu Trust
  • Ngāti Ngāraranui Hapu Trust